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Missing lint warnings where line number is unknown
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I'm trying to use the the script-and-regex linter with a script that does not report line numbers in its output. In this case, it appears that all warnings are treated as if they apply to line 1 of the linted file.

However, by default, warnings are only displayed if they apply to a line that has been modified. If line 1 of the file has not been modified, warnings are not displayed, even if the warnings are really nothing to do with line 1.

Now, thinking more carefully, the "warnings" from my linter are probably severe enough that they should be treated as errors, in which case this problem goes away, for me. Still, in general, maybe it would be better to treat such warnings as somehow applying to every line of the file, for this purpose? Maybe that would be too annoying and it's better as it is?

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We're unlikely to pursue this without interest from other installs. If you have a simple workaround, perhaps that is better?

The title caught my eye, I subscribe as a reminder to come back to this

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