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Make what is searched context dependent (e.g. restrict search within phriction when initiated from phriction)
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At Dropbox, we have started using Phriction heavily for internal documentation. However, one feature that currently feels a bit broken is that the search box by default searches everything. This means that common search terms (e.g. code identifiers) show up frequently in parts of Phabricator that we don't want - for example, diffs or tasks that reference the identifier.

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This would also solve the (frequent, I would say) case of Maniphest users unaware of Maniphest's advanced search, because they only see and know the search box at the top of the page. In Wikimedia we have already seen many cases of users thinking that Maniphest's search is just too basic (even after finding an "Advanced search" at the equivalent of, until we point them to the real deal: