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Cannot Create Named Link to URI with Brackets
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Example Link, which is not interpreted as named link:
[[!?q=MT47H128M8CF-3&filter[fields][avg_avail][]=[1%20TO%20*]&start=0&limit=10 | MT47H128M8CF-3 ]]
adding angle brackets around the URI part does not help:
[[!?q=MT47H128M8CF-3&filter[fields][avg_avail][]=[1%20TO%20*]&start=0&limit=10 | MT47H128M8CF-3 ]]

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I had a similiar issue except my ] that caused the link syntax to close was in the text I was telling the link to render (I was auto generating links to template class ref pages and the template type wrappers are [] i.e. Array[Byte]). We got around this by not specifying text in the link syntax and just letting ReMarkUp grab the page title (which had the correct []) instead when rendering the link.

I realize this doesn't really help with your issue, but I thought it may help users with similiar issues coming from T5301: Inline Remarkup escaping like I did.