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Remove Gravatar support to reduce setup complexity on hosts without access to the internet
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I have a problem on my installation of Phabricator: when I'm trying to change my profile picture the browser try to call the page /picture/4/ (where 4 is my ID) and nothing happens. Please, could you tell me if I need to do something more in the configuration ? I took the last version of Phabricator.

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Is the file larger than PHP or MySQL's limits? Are you storing in the database, disk, or elsewhere? Is the filetype supported by your system? Theres lots of things that could be misconfigured.

But cannot open the interface where I can choose the file...I get a time-out error after I click on Edit Picture Profile...

Does the issue reproduce for you here?

Not is correct, if you look my images, is changed!!! :(

Are there timeout errors in your server logs? Anything in the developer console on your browser?

I would also be curious if the issue repros on a new account on your install.

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Usually this is because outbound HTTP requests are firewalled and we're trying to fetch a Gravatar. Workaround is to disable security.allow-outbound-http. Real fix is to time out the request and/or detect this during config.

Support Impact This breaks core functionality in a confusing way without a clear path forward for users.

Alternative fix is to delete Gravatar support.

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Perfect!!! thank you!

Perfect!!! thank you!

Is the workaround enough to mark this as 'resolved'?

Maybe not enough but depends from your point of view...maybe the real solution is give the opportunity to ask if you want gravitar or not.

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Re-opening as people will still likely hit this case and it's likely fixable.

I think T6322 is different a little bit.
Change user picture was success, but it took very long time to see edit picture page.
Please check this,

Thanks @chad
I think gravatar option ( default = false ) is needed.

I think we should just remove Gravatar support completely. I don't think it's valuable enough to justify the complexity that supporting it implies.

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