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No Syntax Highlighting in Git Blame View
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When "Enable Blame" is on while viewing a file, no syntax highlighting is done. Is that on purpose?

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Yes, turning off Blame, the syntax highlighting works again immediately.

I'm sorry, I'm not able to reproduce this on this install. Does it reproduce here for you? Can you provide a list of steps to reproduce? What pygments are you running?

Not reproducing here. When reproducing on our install, what happens is

  1. Click Enable Blame
  2. left column appears, syntax still highlighted
  3. commit hashes appear in left column, at the same time syntax highlighting is gone

Pygments version: 1.6-1.fc20

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Sorry, I can't reproduce this on this install or locally. Closing per

I also encountered the same problem,Non-probabilistic problem when switching Blame state

OS Centos 6.6

pygmentize -V

Pygments version 2.0.1, (c) 2006-2014 by Georg Brandl.

git --version

git version 2.0.5

Version 102e431feb01804379893d7d32b9d7bb90a88d48
Version 2372863517a7cc55a3b4185caff19d8aa97670b1
Version 92aefeccc0fddee2a51942c32b0c5576304ff682