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Give Feedback! Get Support! Article

How to give us feedback, report bugs, and request features, and get support for problems with Phabricator.


We'd love to hear your feedback about Phabricator, whether it's good or bad. The best ways to provide feedback and get support are:

  • For bug reports and feature requests, file a task in our task tracker, Maniphest.
  • For questions and real-time chat, join the IRC channel.
  • If you just want to provide some quick feedback, you can tweet at us (@phabricator).

Bugs and Requests

The best way to report bugs and request features is through Maniphest. For information on filing good bug reports and feature requests, see:


We're active in #phabricator on FreeNode, and it's the best place to ask questions and get support.

Next Steps

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