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Workboard still shows Task until refresh after Project is removed
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  • View the Workboards workboard.
  • Edit this ticket. Add some exclamation marks to the title or something.
  • The ticket's title changes.
  • Edit this ticket. Remove Workboards from the projects list.
  • The ticket is still in Workboards workboard.

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Happy to see this fixed as part of T4900 but note that it affected for a single user in a single tab which may or may not be different in a way that matters.

We don't currently rebuild the entire board. @epriestley curious on your thoughts, if better to wait for realtime everything or maybe a workaround is simple enough.

Yeah, let's track this separate.

chad renamed this task from When editing a task from a workboard, removing it does not remove it from the project does not remove it from the board until refresh to Workboard still shows Task until refresh after Project is removed.Sep 24 2014, 8:11 PM
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I think this is worth fixing separately.

If I run

./bin/aphlict start

Should the notification bubbles just start working or is there additional configuration?

You need to set notification.enabled to true in your config.

You can also set notification.debug to get more information. Visiting /notification/status/ may be helpful, too, and lets you generate a test notification.