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`phabricator.uninstalled-applications` is confusing because it isn't editable configuration
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Hi everyone!

I hope I do not ask something too n00bish with this, but I do not get the following:
When I look into the configuration in the Web-View, I get the following for phabricator.uninstalled-applications:

Unbenanntes_Bild.png (735×1 px, 87 KB)

As you can see with this, there are some applications stored in the DB to be disabled. I cannot re-enable them from this mask; instead, a hint is shown in the blue border, which tells me to use the cmdline tool config instead.

When I do so, it seems to not know something about these DB entries:

tango011 phabricator # ./bin/config get phabricator.uninstalled-applications
  "config" : []
tango011 phabricator #

This is why I currently do not know how to configure these. What am I (or Phabricator) doing wring here?

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The UI here is a little misleading. Use the "Applications" application to install or uninstall applications: find the application in the "Applications" application, then click the "Help/Options" gear icon to install or uninstall it.

Hi Evan,

this way, it is no big deal re-installing the apps. Thank you for the hint!
I guess this quite missleading help should be fixed then?

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So what should the fix be here?

I'd say:

  • Make this page stop showing the inaccurate message ("...use bin/config...") and show an accurate message instead ("Use the Applications application to manage installed applications.").
  • From a technical perspective, maybe try to find something more graceful than if ($option == 'phabricator.uninstalled.applications') to trigger the message change, but realistically fine and is unlikely to really cause any problems; we can generalize if we have more of these (I don't think we do today).