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git clone URL in Diffusion repos page don't appear after setuping git-ssh
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I setup git-ssh repos in diffusion using this guide ( and I don't see the git clone URL.

Some proof

Capture_d_écran_de_2014-09-23_12:48:08.png (900×1 px, 140 KB)

Capture_d_écran_de_2014-09-23_12:48:13.png (381×1 px, 34 KB)

And, ssh test work from troubleshooting page. ;-)

Many thanks,

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Can you go in depth and be more specific about your setup (os, versions, etc) what troubleshooting steps you took, their output, if you did sshd in debug mode, etc.

My setup :

  • os : Centos 6.5 up-to-date
  • PHP + php-fpm : 5.6.0 - yum.repos : remi-php56
  • nginx+pagespeedoptimisation : 1.6.2 - yum.repos : gawainlynch-enterprise
  • phabricator : up-to-date from master this morning

Troubleshooting :

  • ok «$ echo {} | ssh conduit » give me : {"result":"orbital","error_code":null,"error_info":null}
  • ok from web ui configs : diffusion.ssh-user = "vcs-user" (f
  • ok from /etc/passwd : (...) vcs-user:x:504:504::/home/vcs-user:/bin/sh
  • ok from web ui configs : phd.user = "daemon-user"
  • ok from /etc/passwd : (...) daemon-user:x:503:503::/home/daemon-user:/bin/bash
  • ok phabricator/conf/local/local.json : { "diffusion.ssh-user" : "vcs-user", "phd.user" : "daemon-user",
  • ok I have sshkey for my user
  • ok /usr/sbin/sshd -f /etc/ssh/sshd_config.phabricator (running for port 22)
  • I have 12 php-deamon process... : ps aux | grep phd-deamon | wc
  • ok web ui can create git repo locally : ls /var/repo/ -la ; drwxr-xr-x 5 daemon-user root 4096 23 sep 12:36 .
  • ok /etc/sudoers : (...) vcs-user ALL=(daemon-user) SETENV: NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/git-upload-pack, /usr/bin/git-receive-pack, /usr/bin/hg, /usr/svnserve
  • oj git is correctly installed : whereis git-upload-pack ; /usr/bin/git-upload-pack
  • ok /usr/sbin/sshd -d -d -d -f /etc/ssh/sshd_config.phabricator/sshd_config.phabricator
  • ok Adapting this command from troubleshooting guide for my setup just work : ssh -T

But, ... i don't see "git-ssh clone url" in web ui :-/

If you have some other request, i'll try to give you the best overview I can.
Thank you !


Damn ! :-)

I don't check on "serve on ssh" settings in my repos parameter !


Hosted on Phabricator

Serve over HTTP


Serve over SSH


Dangerous Changes

Not Allowed

So, I change it to :

Serve over SSH


Well, thank you !

Thanks for following up! Maybe we can make the documentation a little better.

I clarified the UI navigation to get to this setting in the attached diff. (A suggestion to check the setting was already there.)