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Custom project fields do not appear in the Create New Project
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Custom fields defined for projects which have the "required" bool set to true display fine on the edit project window, however custom fields do not appear at all on the "Create New Project" window.

If a custom field is set to be required, it will not be displayed on the "Create New Project" screen, however the screen will also not allow the user to progress with project creation until these (missing) fields are completed.

i.e. error:

FieldName is required.

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Support Impact This completely breaks the interface.

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See also T4016.

A possible approach might be to add a key like quick => true to add custom fields to the quick create interface.

We could also remove this interface completely, or replace it with the full-power interface and remove the "quick" flavor.

chad added a comment.Oct 10 2014, 6:23 PM

Yeah, just make it a full dialog / workflow. No need for two different forms.

Oh, I'm actually misunderstanding this a little bit.

There are two ways to get to project creation:

  • In Maniphest, click Edit Task > Projects > Create New Project. I think this action appears on some other (but not all) "Project" fields.
  • In Projects, click "Create New Project".

T4016 discusses the former interaction. Both of them might actually go down the same code pathway.

The second interface, at least, should probably be a normal full-sized edit screen.

The first interface should either also be that (and the interfaces should be unified if they aren't already unified) or some "quick" flavor, maybe with a quick specifier.