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Don't generate mentions from Conpherence threads
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When you mention things in a Conpherence thread, the objects get a transaction which looks like "epriestley mentioned this in Restricted Conpherence Thread" to everyone who can't see the original mention.

At a minimum, we should stop these from showing up, e.g. by blacklisting these edits as mention-generating (something like $editor->setGenerateMentions(false)?).

Possibly we should hide these transactions for users if they can't see the mentioning object. However, if we do that, I believe it will change the anchors on the page. Currently, each transaction gets a numeric anchor, like T123#1, T123#2, etc. If T123#7 is a comment, but you see fewer mentions than I do, it might be T123#5 for you.

We could fix this by switching to transaction IDs instead of sequential IDs (T123#2983798), or by numbering only comments (but then we can never hide them) or by numbering hidden transactions and just not showing them.

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There's an example. ^^^

by numbering hidden transactions and just not showing them

This seems like the option that makes the most amount of sense.

Yeah, I think these should be hidden if you can't see the object and then I'll fix the comment numbering to number stuff across the whole visible / non-visible set. I don't want to switch the comment numbers as that will break links all over the place.

(An important bit here is I think if you *can* see the Conpherence (or other visibility-restricted object) you should be able to see the mention. Makes conpherence more powerful.)

...ended up going with the transaction ID solution (for now at least).

btrahan triaged this task as High priority.Sep 12 2014, 6:05 PM

(Relatively high pri in my book as its very icky to know someone is talking about something but be unable to see it.)