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Design some kind of PHUITagChainView
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For subprojects (T3670) and to improve the "Projects" property when workboards are shown on Maniphest tasks, I imagine an element like this might be helpful (potato-quality skills):

potato.png (38×310 px, 3 KB)


  • Render a list of PHUITagView objects in a cohesive way.
  • With a nice caret thing between the tags.
  • Individual tags retain colors/icons/links/etc, this just glues them together in a visually nice way.

Seem sane-ish?

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I have a feeling that (multi-colored) and multiple boards will get funky looking pretty fast.

There'd only ever be one board at the end, and I imagine it always being, like, grey (to visually mark it as a board), but the other stuff will be a bit of a rainbow in undisciplined use cases, yeah. I'm not sure we can avoid that, though, and it's not much worse than the amount of damage you can do today, I think.

We could force subprojects to have the same color as superprojects, but that seems sort of arbitrarily restrictive.


I'm not married to this idea or design, but the issues that I think we could improve are:

  • Currently, we show [ Project ] (Workboard) in the "Projects" property of Maniphes tasks, but I think this is really lazy (it was literally me being lazy) and unclear (T6027 has a specific example of it being unclear to a user). We could find some other treatment for this instead of pursuing TagChain (like putting the board links in a separate column with a more clear icon callout).
  • When subprojects happen, I think we'll need to show a project's full hierarchy in various interfaces to avoid ambiguity (e.g., iOS > App vs Android > App). I'm not sure how much of an issue this will really be, but in at least some cases if we just show [ App ] I think it'll be confusing. We can wait until it's more clearly an issue before we try to solve it.

Honestly I thought the tags might be janky when we first shifted to them in the property list, but they work well and are easy to spot. I use them often. This is at least the logical thing to try first.

Namespace > Project > Subproject > Board is definitely quite a bit. I'm also curious how useful the list is beyond the last two tiers. (I assume you'd want namespace at some point?)

I think whatever namespace you are in should be in the topline header with the Eye / Phabricator, and let you switch namespaces from there.

This task is super deceptive. What is your timeline for this, like are you implementing this weekend or maybe in 1-2 months and this is a proper heads up.

Oh, sorry -- like 1-2 months before we need this for the second use case.

I'm sure the CSS/JS is simple too.

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