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`arc diff` not uploading file content for svn:executable files under SVN 1.7.4
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Via IRC:

<epriestley> If you just do this, in a clean working copy:
<svemir> maybe due to svn version? we are on 1.7.4
<epriestley> echo asdf > new_file
<epriestley> svn add new_file
<epriestley> svn propset svn:executable '*' new_file
<epriestley> arc diff --only
<epriestley> ...does that show the file content?
<epriestley> I'm on 1.8.3, so it definitely could be a version issue.
<epriestley> Not showing file content for text files with svn:executable set definitely sounds like a bug on our side, though.
<epriestley> But I can't repro (at HEAD + 1.8.3, at least).
<svemir> it does not show the content in new_file in the diff in my case
<svemir> and this is not even in that messed up repo

This works fine at HEAD on 1.8.3, so it's likely a version problem:

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FYI, it also works with svn 1.7.10, but that was tested on a different box, so I can not be 100% sure it is just the svn version. It does seems there have been plenty of bug fixes between 1.7.4 and 1.7.10, so once we update the box where this has been happening I should be able to know for sure.