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Linkify differential emails more
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[I don't actually know if this is maniphest or harbormaster or what]

I got an email recently due to changes in a task I am following (T5781):

epriestley added a revision: D10346: Fix `arc browse path:line`.

And later another email:

epriestley added a commit: rARCe336b04aa10b: Fix `arc browse path:line`.

Neither of these were links, but both of them could have been! Then I could have clicked from the email to see the revision and/or the commit. As it is, it's now a two-step process to click on the T5781 link, and then click on the D10346 link (or rARCe33... link) from the task webpage.

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We send plain text email until T992, which was built recently and needs a bunch more work. We can't link arbitrary text in plain text email.

epriestley closed this task as a duplicate.Aug 26 2014, 5:17 PM

✘ Merged into T992.

Ah, I understand; the existing links are the email client auto-linkifying for me.

I guess we could change the email content to say something like:

epriestley added a revision: D10346: Fix `arc browse path:line` (http://..../D10346)

but that's pretty ugly if a cleaner solution is in the works. There's definitely no time pressure on this. :-)