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"Time spent" in Phrequent is incorrect
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I have tracked several periods with arc start and arc stop:
{F181123, size=full}

But the 'Time spent' field on the task doesn't add them up:
{F181120, size=full}

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Has this been happening only recently? Since rP2101c3b?

If you revert that commit, does Maniphest show the expected amount of time?

It definitely worked before rP2101c3b, when I used the 'Start Tracking Time' and 'Stop Tracking Time' buttons on the web interface. Unfortunately that revision doesn't revert cleanly, so I wasn't able to test easily.

@hach-que - do you want me to take a look at this? we got another report I merged into this ticket.

This is probably my fault, let me take a peek first.

I'm pretty sure this is caused by D9939. I guess it's PhrequentTimeSlices::getDuration().

Yeah sorry, I was planning on getting time to look at this, but then stuff happened and I didn't.