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Cannot re-order pinned applications on mobile
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If I go to /settings/panel/home/ on mobile (Android + Chrome), I can't rearrange the pinned applications (or possibly I just can't figure out how to).

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Yeah, not much actually works on mobile, it's current level of "support" is read and comment on most things only. It's not expected to have full functionality - like any drag and drop interface - at this time.

This also isn't accessible. I'm not sure what the best approach is in general -- we could try making just the "grip" part draggable on mobile as a first approximation and see how that goes. I think Workboards will eventually need a "Task > Move To Column..." action since I don't see a reasonable way to do it in the UI for mobile/assistive.

fwiw in Trello boards you can drag tasks in workboards pressing a task and dragging it. I won't bet on the accessibility of this approach, but our Trello users seem to be very happy about it. Apparently it's a relatively frequent task on mobile, just like other non-typing-a-lot tasks.