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Dashboard with 3 columns
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I would like to see three columns on the dashboard so that I can better utilize dashboard space on larger screens.

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is this even possible?!

could we possibly fit 3 columns on a dashboard?!!

could we even have 3 and a half columns :P

Should i create a Task for "Dashboard with 4 columns"?
What about making the column amount flexible?

Supporting more than 3 right now is not something I want to sign up for. I'd worry about edge cases in general and the time to support them. It's easier right now to let the use cases and request pile up a little and see if there are common things we should build for the next version.

If you want other layouts, go ahead an open tasks and maybe a short description of how you'd use it, would be helpful. Thanks.

I would also like a dashboard with 0 columns and ideally one with -1 columns.

I am on board with those options.

chad triaged this task as Normal priority.Jul 3 2014, 4:14 AM

Three columns might be nice on a wide screen, but please please keep in mind people using small windows. I usually browse with a 1000 x 800 px window so 2 columns is a maximum for me.