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Consider removing hovercards from Feed
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Feed shows hovercards inconsistently and likely to little knowledge gain. Should look at removing them all or just restricting to actors.

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Illustrated in this screncast:

When I try to reach the "+" button quickly from the homepage the hovercard comes in the way.

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This is working as intended, that is, hovercards hover over content. Did you have a solution in mind?

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funnily the problem doesn't seem to be there on Maybe updating will fix the issue. Will re-open issue if it persists.

We're probably over-aggressively showing the cards in feed titles (at least, it's inconsistent). I can look into that.

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@epriestley - seems FeedBuilder already has a showHovercards method, can dashboards just set that false before render like we do objectlists no grippable?