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Deleting old commits
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I have a large number of commits (>250,000) that belong to a repository that no longer exists. I want to remove these from the database but I can't delete them with ./bin/remove destroy (I get an "No such object" error).

	phabricator_repository.repository_commit AS commit
    LEFT JOIN phabricator_repository.repository ON commit.repositoryID =

Could I just drop these from the database manually?

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Yes, although that will leave all their audits, commit data, edges, etc., in the database.

You could mitigate that to some degree with:

foreach (new LiskMigrationIterator(new PhabricatorRepositoryCommit()) as $commit) {
  if (/* The commit has a valid repository PHID. */) {

This will get rid of some of that data.

You could make these objects destructable and use a DestructionEngine on them to eliminate more data.

They can't be loaded through any policy-aware infrastructure because you must be able to see a commit's repository in order to be able to see the commit, and the repository is no longer ever visible.

This worked great, thanks.