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Maniphest notifications not completely atomic (subject says "[Changed CC]" but comment was added too)
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Maniphest notifications are mostly atomic (one action triggers one mail). I appreciate that because I can filter notification emails I am (not) interested in based on the subject line. However, this is not the case for adding comments. While only adding a comment triggers an email with the subject

[Commented On] T12345: Example

it is also possible to have another action (refered to in the subject) and adding a comment (not refered to in the mail subject but only in the mail content):

[Changed CC] T12345: Example
JohnDoe added a subscriber: JohnDoe.
JohnDoe added a comment.

I'm not sure if splitting this into two emails is technically feasible and wanted; It might be easier to enhance the subject to mention both actions:

[Changed CC] [Commented On] T12345: Example

(Also brought up by a user in

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Several issues here:

  • Maniphest is only partly using the "Subscriptions" framework, and still has some custom code. The framework handles this specific case better: it treats a self-subscription as less important than a comment, so the subject will be "Commented" in this case. However, it treats a subscription of other users (i.e., adding someone else as a CC) as more important than a comment, so the subject will say "Changed Subscribers" (or similar) if you add someone else and leave a comment
  • You can use the X-Phabricator-Mail-Tags header to perform filtering on all action types. It has a more machine-parseable list of all the actions, and won't get a false positive if someone puts "[Changed CC]" in the title of a task (like this one).
  • You can use Settings > Email Preferences to stop mail from being sent at all. Not sure if "filter" means "delete" or "lower priority", in this case.

I'm going to merge this with T5604, which covers infrastructure modernization in Maniphest. When that happens, it should also fix the behavior here.