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June 2014 Redesign Feedback
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We're planning to ship a design update soon which uses a lighter side menu, tweaks the homepage sidebar, and simplifies a few other UI elements.

You can view this update on this server, or in the redesign branch locally.

If you have feedback about the design, let us know.

For large quantities of additional discussion, see T5176, T3583, and T4980.

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Looks Awesome and makes it feel lighter

epriestley claimed this task.

Feedback on this seems overwhelmingly positive.

Eagerly awaiting to upgrade when you folks announce

It's been merged, update when you're ready.

"pin application" workflow is not awesome.

Would it make sense to add a "pin this app" to applications application view (Which will not let you select a position)?

I think it would be a better use of the button there than setting configuration.

I plan to add a "pin/unpin" action on the "Help/Options" page.

But it sounds like that might not really solve things? Are you trying to pin a very large number of applications or something like that?

What if "Pin Application" was "Edit Pinned Applications" and popped this up instead?

Pinned: [ ] Diffusion
        [√] Differential
        [ ] Maniphest
        [ ] etc etc

Then you could use that UI for mass pin/unpin, and the Applications > Help/Options UI for "what is this how does it work" pinning?

I think the actual re-arranging of applications is likely not super useful to most. If we add a 'pin/unpin' action to the Launcher, it'd likely be what 90% of people need. Then the customize page can just be about re-arranging.

The "Pin Application" UX is a bit cumbersome, so fixing that would be cool as well.

The workflow I'm thinking about is actually for new users, "I want to pin the app I'm now using" - where the user kinda knows what the app is doing, but didn't memorize the name yet.

So I think the icon and description are important to help find it.

Another approach is a "pin this app" next to "create new" for every un-pinned app, but that might be too intrusive.

Pin/unpin in the help/options screen would probably work too.

T4103: Implement "Role Profiles" to provide search, homepage and application defaults is how we're likely to resolve new user experience with applications.

I don't really want to add additional UI to the crumbs-bar for pinning, as it's not something I think is important day to day. I'd rather get it right 95% of the time with some 'new user' flow and make the pinning for power users easier to do. It's more like a new OS for me, I spend 2-5 minutes tinkering with it, and it's likely set with only occasional re-ordering once a year.

Yhe, that would probably solve it :)

I find it much harder to customize and select the few apps that I need on the sidebar. Ive like.. switched to using /applications now to get what I want.

Can you walk me through what you mean? Are you having difficulty figuring out how to use the Settings > Home Page preference panel?

I saw that settings -> home page panel, I know its there and I could use it, but I dont know what every application does off the top of my head, so Id have to reference back and forth which one was which. I guess you could say Im used to and was happy with the former version.

Where specifically do you have to reference something? Home, Settings, and Applications all contain the same list with descriptions for me.

like I said, thats what I refer to afterwards, as a workaround.

Is it the little headers that you miss, "Core", "Utilities", etc?

yes. and the ability to assign them to the menu bar from that overview with the little headers. priorly, it was solved with a number of dropdowns, all on one page, wasnt it?

hero.png (455×940 px, 215 KB)

Here is a screenshot of the old sidebar. We did three things:

  • We removed the "subheaders"
  • We removed the ability to have "small tiles"
  • We inverted the colors

I don't know what you mean by "dropdown". Maybe you mean the Show/Hide link at the bottom of the sidebar that showed you all hidden applications? That is now the "Application" button at the bottom, in both cases the list is one-click away. Given the growing number of Applications, this was a more scalable way to present things.

Our intent here is for you to customize Phabricator to your needs, to use Home -> Settings and have your list of all the ones you use the most. At least half of the Applications in Phabricator are more intended for Phabricator Developers and are not of interest to most users/installs.

I mean on the edit window from the old sidebar. You could set which application is shown in which type of tile.

The edit window previously was a series of checkboxes (show full, show small, hide) and were set in order. You can now add and instead drag things to whatever ordering you like.

I guess so. that must have been an even older version then. do you mean radio buttons? I dont have a reference anymore since my phabricator is already updated.