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Search result drag reordering in Maniphest is possible but not sticky?
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Report came in from one of our engineers:

I'm having an issue with reordering my tasks from within a search result page. This might not be an actual feature of maniphest (I'm curious how it works, really, if it is, but I love the concept so I've been trying it out optimistically so far), so it could be the fix is just to remove the ability to reorder.

  • Go to a saved search result
  • Reorder some tasks within a group by grabbing them and dragging them up or down the list
  • Refresh the page -> the ordering returns back to what it was (afaict, random within a priority)

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I was able to get this to not stick at least some of the time but haven't dug into it yet.

T5321 is almost certainly the same root issue as whatever this is.

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(I'm essentially un-merging T5321, which I think I miscategorized.)

T7563 seems to have a better grasp on the bug, assuming this is the same issue originally reported.

@chad I'm not sure if it is the same issue. I'm mostly sure this feature was working fine until the beginning of the month. (march 2015) I've used it myself and I started to get reports from my internal users that it was broken.
BTW: I update phabricator once a week. I might need to revert to a previous version if possible.

Let me know if I can help providing more information.