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Alternative for Deprecated API: differential.getrevisioncomments
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I saw differential.getrevisioncomments was deprecated. Is there an alternative for it?

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If differential.getrevisioncomments has been deprecated... then shouldn't the arc inlines workflow be deprecated too?

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one more vote. would be happy to help make it happen with a bit of guidance.

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✘ Merged into T5873.

As T5873 has been open for a year and a half, and isn't on the immediate roadmap, is there perhaps a way to update getrevisioncomments to expose some more info, so that bots etc can access it?
Would people be open to me making a diff to that end?

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You're welcome to make a diff and say, share it as a paste, but we're not in the habit of pulling in workarounds, and generally focus on the longterm solution. T5873 literally touches every application in Phabricator, it's more a container task than anything else. We've been rolling these updates out as we're working in adjacent areas.

We don't have a "Convert Differential to EditEngine" task anywhere, but maybe we should since someone may want to prioritize it or attempt to build it.