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Allow Project to have automatic Conpherence 'Rooms'
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Projects should have the ability to have individual Conpherence rooms, where people are automatically added and removed based on Project membership. The short list:

  • Membership stays in sync with Project Membership
  • Conpherence Title/Icon based on Project Title / Icon
  • Perhaps some other visual separation of Projects / Inbox on the side bar (needed?)

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This isn't something we'd likely extend to Conpherence. Can you explain a little more your use case and what you're looking to accomplish? One thing we'd like to build into Dashboards is the means of using the homepage to raise notifications / sitewide messaging, with being dismissible.

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I think I understood your request a bit better after a night sleep. If this isn't the case you're looking for let me know. I think we had this requested in the past, but I cannot find a ticket to reference.

@chad, you got it!
Sorry I didn't elaborate.

I'm just going to merge this into T5364, which has a lot more discussion about future plans for Conpherence.

We probably aren't going to make automatic 1:1 rooms (I'm generally not thrilled about how this worked for wiki pages, and want to move away from it, and we don't get the same kinds of benefits that 1:1 workboards give us), but will probably end up with some approximation of this.

Locking invite lists to project membership is probably the major thing mentioned here, I'll mention it on T5364.