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Use Calendar to Display Query Results
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It would be very useful if one could use the calendar to display custom objects ( e.g. Tasks) sorted by creation date or custom fields added to the objects.
So if I added a "Deadline" date field, all Tasks are displayed in a calendar on the day they are due (similar for creation, update, etc)

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No objects currently have a primary "deadline" or "due date" sort of field (except arguably calendar events themselves). I'm hesitant to let custom fields implement this because I'm worried about performance at scale (e.g., 1M+ tasks). We may add a optional -- but primary -- "due date" field to Maniphest.

That would be exactly what I need here.

I think this will end up being first-class, but I'm not sure how it will work since I can imagine a lot of weird complexity in edge cases (like a "release" object which needs to go on the calendar every Tuesday or whatever, so it doesn't have a simple start date / end date).

I think there is a distinction between points in time and events, which happen to be defined by two such things. Maybe there are two kinds of calendar entries? For deadlines, there aren't any start/end dates either.

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