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The variable buildable.commit doesn't seem to work in HTTP request
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I created a build plan with several http requests, I would like to trigger this build plan on each differential creation so I created a Herald rule.
Also, I want to pass in parameter of http requests the branch of the differential but the variable is not supported so I gave the "buildable.commit" one but it is not filled (left blank).

buildable.diff 5159
buildable.revision 1124
repository.callsign REF
repository.vcs git
repository.uri git@....
step.timestamp 1399983793 4
target.phid PHID-HMBT-jjjs7ol7mrsfqe444j5k

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For revisions, buildable.commit isn't expected to be filled.

You can trigger builds on either a diff (from Differential) or a commit (from a repository).

If you trigger builds on a revision, buildable.diff and buildable.revision will be populated.

If you trigger builds on a commit, buildable.commit will be populated.

ok thanks so this feature is not for me ;)
you can close the ticket

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