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"Blocks" instead of "Dependent Tasks"
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Today in a meeting we have realized that a bunch of seasoned bug reporters were all regularly confused by the combo "Dependent Tasks" / "Depends On", just because of the choice of words.

In Bugzilla it is clear:

  • "Depends on"
  • "Blocks"

Two verbs in third person with opposite/complementary meaning. Yin Yang ---> Tao.

You can see it in action e.g. at

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I would like to second some sort of change, as I often get lost as to which I need to do from where. We say "subtask" in most create flows, so I'd lean towards something in that direction.

If we implement T4207 ("Subtask" and "Dependency" being different relationships) it would be confusing to call a graph relationship "Subtask".

I'd maybe lean more toward "Blocks" / "Blocked By"?

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In Maniphest, change the names of the "Dependencies" and "Depends on" relationships to "Blocks" and "Blocked By", to reduce ambiguity (or suggest alternatives if you think this idea is junk). Offhand, they appear in:

  • UI labels for the fields;
  • "Edit Dependencies" in the action list
  • transaction strings ("added dependent tasks", etc)
  • UI strings in the dependencies dialog (title/submit/etc)

We currently use "dependencies" in Differential too, but let's leave that one for the moment, I suppose. It's a more technical domain and is used much more rarely, and interacts with some other code. In the long run, we should probably make it consistent.