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Renaming a project causes its "subdocuments" to become inaccessible
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T1575 describes a bug wherein renaming a project caused its associated Phriction documents to become inaccessible; this was resolved by moving the Phriction document to the new project's location.

However, documents created under the project's root-level document are not moved, and are no longer accessible at their original URLs either.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create a new project (named, say, test)
  2. create a new Phriction document at /w/projects/test/
  3. create another new Phriction document at /w/projects/test/subdoc. Note that both of these documents are correctly listed at /w/projects.
  4. rename the project (say, to renamed)
  5. observe:
    • /w/projects/test/ redirects to /w/projects/renamed/ as intended
    • /w/projects lists subdoc under the old/deleted test project, not renamed; but the linked URL (/w/projects/test/subdoc) no longer works
    • manually navigating to /w/projects/renamed/subdoc doesn't work either

Note that the bug is (fortunately) non-destructive; renaming renamed back to test makes /w/projects/test/subdoc work again.

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Grabbing this. I should be able to find some time aside building science space stations in Kerbal Space Program this week.

Should be fixed by moving all sub-documents for projects.

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I suspect this is resolved after T4029 etc? Or at least not the same as it used to be.

Well, the link between projects and wiki pages is now severed.

However, maybe there's some sort of move bug here. I'll take a gander.

I can't find any sort of bug here anymore.