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"Mailing lists" are not documented
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Is it just me? I see references to "Mailing lists" here and there, but I cannot find any page that explains this functionality.

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There's an application called "Mailing Lists". You can find it from the homepage, or by searching for "Mailing Lists", or at /mailinglists/.

The problem this application solves is:

  • You have some existing, external mailing list, like, which is hosted outside of Phabricator (a google group, a mailman list, etc).
  • And, you want to CC the list on tasks, revisions, etc.

By adding the existing external list to "Mailing Lists", it will start showing up in the typeahead inputs so you can CC it on things.

This application doesn't actually manage or host mailing lists. We have varying degrees of support for that elsewhere, which I'm happy to walk through in more detail if they're interesting. In the long run, the "Mailing Lists" application will probably go away, although we aren't quite sure what will replace it: likely contenders are Projects being bound to an external mailing list, or these controls accepting freeform email addresses as input.

Thank you! It is clear now.

Since you posted this reply, users looking for "Mailing lists" get this task as first result. Not perfect documentation but at least works for me. Since your are saying that this is a transitional application, maybe this task is just enough to consider this problem resolved? Up to you.

Our documentation generation was in a bad place for a while (until T988) and some of the docs could probably use a refresh now. I'm hesitant to write a ton of details about exactly how everything works since a lot of it is subject to change, but we can at least throw up a "this is what this does / doesn't do" paragraph or two.

+1 on describing a bit more :)

What is the goal of the "Mailing lists" application?

Does it only allow to forward (i.e. send an email) when something happens and that we could configure notifications to send a copy to them.

Or the scope is broader?


I currently plan to convert mailing lists into users so we can policy check mail which is sent to them. That change will largely obsolete this. I'll update the "User Roles" document to explain the new behavior.