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"Duplicate" status should not appear in Maniphest Edit UI unless a task is already closed as a duplicate
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If you "Edit Task", the "Status" dropdown includes the custom status marked with the special "duplicate" role. It should not, unless the task is currently in that status. Users should normally be able to move to that status only by performing a task merge.

This doesn't need to be validated on the server side since it's fine if a user messes with the form to push things into "duplicate" status directly, this is just a usability/confusion issue.

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In Phabricator you can click "Edit Task" and set the Status to DUPLICATE without the requirement to mention what task it was duped on/merged into. It seems that you need to specify the task duplicated as a comment in a separate action, but would expect the option to provide the number of the other task directly.

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This is probably a bug; that status should not appear in "Edit Task" unless the task already has the status. I'll fix this.

Use the "Merge Duplicates In" action to merge duplicates. This will handle closing the duplicate, bringing users over, and annotating both tasks.

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  • The code to render this control is in ManiphestTaskEditController.
  • You can determine which status is the "duplicate" status by calling ManiphestTaskStatus::getDuplicateStatus() (installs can reconfigure the statuses, so the actual value may vary from install to install).