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Create the event listener "before landing"
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It should be nice to have an event listener "before landing" to process some checks before landing and close the revision

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What checks do you want to perform, specifically?

We use to run jenkins build (in waiting for harbormaster :)) after each diff creation (we implemented the event TYPE_DIFF_WASCREATED).
When jenkins finishes its build it will add a comment on the revision or reject it if a problem occured.

We want to check that jenkins had enough time to process before the revision is accepted and landed.


Have you tried to do so?
It's not simple but working way for use jenkins and phabricator together.

I actually followed this tutorial (very good tutorial) and it worked perfectly.
But the problem has never been to make work Jenkins and phabricator together but to avoid developers to land their branch while Jenkins is run

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Sorry, I was testing the the meme feature and accidentally submitted my comment, and somehow I got assigned to this task.