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With SVN 1.7, certain property changes won't show properly in Differential
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We've been making some property changes recently in some of our projects and noticed that when there are several properties (say, svn:ignore) on a directory, and one of those is removed in the diff, we wouldn't see the expected output, so the diff was a little bit confusing, for example, this screen:


A user reviewing that change would think that the entire svn:ignore property was removed on this directory. But, if you look at the svn diff output for it, it's actually this:

Index: .
--- .	(revision 2)
+++ .	(working copy)

Property changes on: .
Modified: svn:ignore
## -1,3 +1,2 ##

I looked in the database and the old and new properties are indeed what Differential is showing, so Arcanist must be sending the data this way.

I've taken the time to dig around a bit, and believe I've found the issue, will attach a diff shortly.