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We've recently configured our install to limit access to the Differential, Diffusion, and Audit applications to developers only. It works great everywhere, except for the front page which still shows:


It would be nice if

  • No Audits
  • No Problem Commits
  • No Waiting Revisions

also didn't display.

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They should be respected in the handwavey sense that users will never be able to see any content from those applications. Obviously, it would be nice not to show the empty boxes either.

In the long view, we're going to make the home page a kind of customizable dashboard thing (see T3583, and /dashboard/, although it doesn't work at all yet). Ideally we'd do that soon-ish and then this just goes away.

Otherwise, we could special case these panels. I think there might even be existing special casing for the Maniphest panels, just not for the other ones.

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