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When you edit a comment, it ajaxes in wrong if it's part of a comment group
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If transactions are grouped (e.g., accept + comment), and you edit the comment, we get the ajaxing in wrong when replacing it.

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This is minor, but super user-visible, since like half of edits produce completely broken UI. Currently, I think the logic goes like:

  • Send a request to the server.
  • Server sends back the entire box.
  • Replace the entire box.

However, the "entire box" can have a lot of other junk in it now that the server really has no idea how to render from just the comment. Instead of trying to render the whole box, we should probably do this:

  • Send a request to the server.
  • Server sends back just the text.
  • Replace just the text.
  • Maybe also change the "Edit" link to say "Edited" or whatever.