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Closing a comment editor doesn't dismiss editor button tooltips
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If you're making an inline comment, hover over an editor button like the full screen one, then submit the comment using the keyboard, then the tooltip hangs around indefinitely:


I can take a stab at fixing this when I have some time.

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The only reasonable way I can see to fix this is to hide all tooltips on any keypress -- do you have a better approach in mind?

Nothing concrete as I have no idea how anything is implemented yet. :) There's no practical way to hide the tooltips when the button it's coming from is removed?

We could walk the DOM when a node is removed, but we don't need to do this for anything else right now, and I don't anticipate needing to do it in the future. It also seems like the sort of thing that could create performance problems down the line or hide greater peril than is apparent at first glance (offhand, maybe memory leaks from reference cycles if we aren't careful about how the node -> tip link is represented).

The "any keystroke hides it" rule has the benefit of being dramatically simpler if we can get away with it, although it's definitely kind of an approximation. Offhand, I can't think of anything it would break, though.

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