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Associate Git commit to Maniphest task
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Currently, to associate a git commit to an existing Maniphest task is done by Edit Maniphest Task in the Diffusion interface. Is there a way to do that automatically? For example, is there a special format/syntax that can be used in a Git commit comment to automatically trigger the association of a commit with a specific Maniphest task?


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Write a string like this in the commit message:

Ref T123
Closes T123
Closes T123 as Wontfix

I am getting links from Diffusion to the task (in the commit message, the T123 will be a link), but the link is never showing up in Maniphest. Any suggestions for troubleshooting? I am using "Closes T123" as the second line in the commit message. I have also tried with "Maniphest Tasks" and "Fixes"


I have tried a few different methods, and tried to model if after example commits found in this Phabricator instance that look like they worked. Is this what you meant by putting it in the summary section?

AddingRef.png (281×566 px, 23 KB)

Yes, and nothing appears on T7 for you?

Oh, sorry, I think I'm misunderstanding you. These links are established during code review (Differential), not Audit. Are you using a pre-commit workflow (Arcanist)?

Unfortunately no. Is there something I need to enable to add this functionality?

I am not using differential right now (but will be in the future. Just testing things one at a time right now). I was hoping the links could be added just from a revision committed in Diffusion. Are they only added if you use Differential?

The arcanist workflow is actually pretty awesome, but yes it's a bit of a switch if it's new to you. The Maniphest integration from reading the docs looks like it only works with Revisions, and not Commits. I don't think we've have plans to add it to Commits, though it's likely possible at some point (not much/any interest has been seen).

My bad, missed that document!

Ah, I think I know what is causing this issue then. It says that auto-close is not enabled until the import is complete. For some reason my repo has been stuck at 99.98% finished for several days.

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