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Diffusion User Guide: Autoclose
Phabricator User Documentation (Application User Guides)

Explains when Diffusion will close tasks and revisions upon discovery of related commits.


Diffusion can close tasks and revisions when related commits appear in a repository. For example, if you make a commit with Fixes T123 in the commit message, Diffusion will close the task T123.

This document explains how autoclose works, how to configure it, and how to troubleshoot it.

Troubleshooting Autoclose

You can check if a branch is currently configured to autoclose on the management page for the given repository under the branches menu item. You should see one of these statuses next to the name of the branch:

  • Autoclose On Autoclose is active for this branch.
  • Repository Importing This repository is still importing. Autoclose does not activate until a repository finishes importing for the first time. This prevents situations where you import a repository and accidentally close hundreds of related objects during import. Autoclose will activate for new commits after the initial import completes.
  • Tracking Off This branch is not tracked. Because it is not tracked, commits on it won't be seen and won't be discovered.
  • Autoclose Off Autoclose is not enabled for this branch. You can adjust which branches autoclose in Edit Repository. This option is only available in Git.

If a branch is in good shape, you can check a specific commit by viewing it in the web UI and clicking Edit Commit. There should be an Autoclose? field visible in the form, with possible values listed below.

Note that this field records the state of the world at the time the commit was processed, and does not necessarily reflect the current state of the world. For example, if a commit did not trigger autoclose because it was processed during initial import, the field will still show No, Repository Importing even after import completes. This means that the commit did not trigger autoclose because the repository was importing at the time it was processed, not necessarily that the repository is still importing.

  • Yes At the time the commit was imported, autoclose triggered and Phabricator attempted to close related objects.
  • No, Repository Importing At the time the commit was processed, the repository was still importing. Autoclose does not activate until a repository fully imports for the first time.
  • No, Autoclose Disabled At the time the commit was processed, the repository had autoclose disabled.
  • No, Not On Autoclose Branch At the time the commit was processed, no containing branch was configured to autoclose.
  • Field Not Present This commit was processed before we implemented this diagnostic feature, and no information is available.

Manually Closing Revisions

If autoclose didn't activate for some reason and you want to manually close revisions, you can do so in several ways:

Close Revision: The revision author can use the "Close Revision" action from the web UI, located in the action dropdown on the revision page (where reviewers would "Accept Revision" or "Request Changes").

differential.always-allow-close: If you set this option in Config, any user can take the "Close Revision" action in the web UI.

arc close-revision: You can close revisions from the command line by using arc close-revision.

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