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bug with removing reviewers from accepted diffs
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Another buggy workflow:

  1. Brent submits diff -> diff status is "Needs Review"
  2. Evan approves diff -> diff status changes to "Approved"
  3. Brent removes Evan as reviewer -> diff status is still "Approved".

Seems like step 3 should change the status back to "Needs Review", as a diff should only be considered accepted if one of the reviewers' status is accepted, and Evan is no longer a reviewer.

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I think we should probably change this behavior to work as you expect (it now works this way when removing rejecting reviewers) although one consequence is that "Accept + Abandon Later" (i.e., "Just pushing this out of my queue, it's fine whenever you want to land it") will no longer leave the revision accepted. I think this is rare and probably not useful to retain.

Since this is pretty low impact, it probably won't be fixed until after T2222 / the next round of changes on T1279.

I believe this should be resolved in HEAD.