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Allow setting the instance title
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Can we allow an option to set the title of the phabricator instance? I would like to set the name to something like "My company's bug tracker" or something.

Also, if someone uses multiple phabricator installs (I have my company's phabricator, local install and phabricator's phabricator), it looks kinda annoying:


Not sure how much of a problem that is, but I'm attaching a diff to fix this issue which will make no difference to a user unless they customize it

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The only drawback I see is new users to Phabricator will not know they are using Phabricator. I am not sure how big a deal that is, though personally I think maximizing Phabricator user growth is incredibly important. Any thoughts on if this could dampen user growth?

We already have way too many config options. I think this would be one of the least valuable config options we have if we added it. Generally, I want to reduce the number of config options we have, not increase them.

We intentionally don't support any kind of themes/skinning right now, and don't plan to for a long time, but this might make sense as part of a feature like that if we ever do support it.