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'arc whoami' should show the currently logged in user.
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Maybe something like this:

$ arc whoami
Logged in as useralias (User Name)

Standard utility on unix systems. Plus it helps to verify whether you're properly logged in and everything is working okay.

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If this is pursued, it'd be handy if it showed the URL as well.

the conduit call is already there, so you can do something like

$ arc alias whoami '!echo {} | arc call-conduit user.whoami | python -m json.tool'
$ arc whoami
    "error": null,
    "errorMessage": null,
    "response": {
        "image": "",
        "phid": "PHID-USER-lgbuqrsim4oysksuxv5b",
        "realName": "Aviv Eyal",
        "roles": [
        "uri": "",
        "userName": "avivey"

or if you have something like jkid installed:

$ arc alias whoami '!echo {} | arc call-conduit user.whoami | jkid -q response realName'
$ arc whoami
"Aviv Eyal"

(this is not a vote on the need to add it as a built-in, just a hint on addressing the immediate issue)

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See discussion in D7358. We might implement this eventually, but I'd like to see a stronger and more concrete need for it which isn't reasonably resolvable via Conduit.