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Add the ability to show Google Docs in Remarkup
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Oct 17 2013, 5:25 PM
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  • I want all our company (MAD) documentation to live in Phriction but some times I need to use spreadsheets/calendars/presos to communicate the information properly. It'd be great to be able to display those Google Docs on a Phriction page.
  • Here's a link to what Confluence does -
    • I think you guys can do this much better (there were also a couple aspects of the Confluence integration that didn't quite work)
    • It wasn't as configurable as I would've liked - such as being able to define height & width (height kind of worked, width wasn't an option, for example)

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I think this is reasonable. We'll need to look at what Google offers in terms of integration/API, but given that the Confluence version seems to do mostly the right thing without any special magic it shouldn't be too difficult...

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Phriction can handle text document fine. I would like to see Google Drawings or any charting display integration to Phrication.

The easiest way to integrate is allowing iframe syntax and embedding graphing document provided by third party.

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Agreed with @activars - if we can get phab to allow just iframe embedding from google docs, this will be very useful.

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+1 for iframe syntax - don't need google docs but we've been wishing that we could embed iframes into our phab diff summaries.

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