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Better indentation and tab handling in remarkup editor
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I feel that the markup editor can be tweaked to make entering content a little easier.

  1. If the line is indented by n spaces (usually the case while showing code), then preserve the same amount of indentation when "return" is pressed. This is especially useful while entering wiki text for planning code-related stuff like APIs, etc.
  2. If the "tab" key is pressed, insert a tab character or 2/4 spaces in the text editor instead of jumping to the next button.

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We had the tab feature a long time ago, and I kind of liked it but a lot of people really hated it. I'm hesitant to restore it.

The return feature seems OK, although I'm hesitant about putting our toes in the muddy waters of rich text editing. Even just building this probably has a lot of special cases (return in the middle of a line, return in the middle of leading whitespace, etc.).

In fairness, my solution to this problem is very work-aroundey: I copy/paste text into an external editor, use the editor's bulk indent command, then copy-paste it back. Conceivably we could add Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] for bulk indent or something without breaking anything, although I'm also a bit hesitant about this and it might be very difficult to discover.

epriestley triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Jan 25 2014, 10:32 PM

I know this is a 8 month old issue. But tab key moving to the Submit button, as opposed to adding spaces is becoming a deal breaker for us while writing technical specifications on phriction, and also discussing code which frequently tend to have tab characters.

This single thing is making confluence a better option to write specs than phriction. Would you accept a patch to deal with the tab key properly if I worked on it?

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I don't currently plan to pursue this.