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Responsively design Releeph
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its unclear whether releeph UI works right on mobile/tablet. make it so.

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@chad: I was thinking of doing this pretty cheaply just be re-using a lot of the existing UI elements. I managed to get as far as this: {F42974}

...which is using xactions from D5868.

Could I grab this task from you and start diffing? Would you prefer me to subtask just this part of the conversion (and all the other parts) and leave you with this task as my design reviewer in chief?

For viewing all the RQs in a branch, I'm thinking of actually just rendering that top part (the "header" view) in a long list, and maybe providing a more concise view of all a branch's RQs with cards for summary purposes. (Having a list-of-RQs view that includes all the information is useful for bulk-RQ reviewing, in release meetings.)

I think branch views can fit nicely into cards as well, they currently look pretty similar to cards, albeit using my rubbish non-responsive HTML design: {F42976}

And if there's a mobile friendly table view, I'll probably also just copy the Project view (the very top level of the projects -> branches -> branch list of RQs -> individual RQ hierarchy.)

It's been a while since I looked at uiexamples. My goodness, there is some bloomin' tasty jonx in there :D

I think moving stuff to the existing UI elements where it makes sense is the right way to get started -- some of it is probably a pretty natural fit. Some elements will probably need more finessing, but anything that can slot into a property list view, action list view, object list view, etc., without any real compromises to the app should just do that (increasingly, these elements get you integrations like tokens, flags and subscriptions for free or for really cheap, too).

One thing I want to try is adding action buttons to the right side of object list views -- I'll get a diff out for that soon. Actions like "Edit" and "Delete" are a little awkward on them right now, but common enough that I think it's worthwhile to accommodate them.

Most of the stuff in UI library should be responsive, even tables if needed. We can add/extend there as well. I think the only contentious element was the hover count buttons, which hover states don't work on touch devices, so we should probably build that some other way.

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