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Phabricator as Mailing List manager
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Phabricator sould act as a mailinglist manger for the registred users and projects. The mailing list archive can be browsed as usual and searched by the general search function.

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We could approach this or something similar by, e.g., giving projects a public mailing address, although this is probably some ways away.

We really like to se this or a description how to link a external mailing list do an "name" as mentioned in T2666

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epriestley claimed this task.

This a very old task that lacks root problem / use case information that we require for modern feature requests.

We don't currently plan to build a mailing list application into Phabricator. Since this was filed, we've built Conpherence (a chat/messaging app) and made Projects mailable. I think it is likely that most mailing list use cases are better served with other approaches or applications, and there isn't a clear motivation or rationale for considering building mailing list features.

If you still have use cases for this, feel free to file a new request (following the guidance in Contributing Feature Requests) describing the problems you're encountering.