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Notes to Self, Late 2023
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See D21862.

Build script for PHP8.3RC6 (see also T13232):

  • Install libmxl2 (configure + make + make install) for simplexml support for AWS stuff (particularly bin/provision events).

set -e
set -x

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/Users/epriestley/src/zlib-1.2.11:/Users/epriestley/src/curl-7.80.0"

./configure \
  --with-mysqli \
  --enable-pcntl \
  --enable-mbstring \
  --without-iconv \
  --disable-mbregex \
  --without-sqlite3 \
  --disable-dom \
  --disable-pdo \
  --disable-xmlreader \
  --disable-xmlwriter \
  --without-pcre-jit \

#  --disable-simplexml \
#  --with-apxs2=/usr/local/opt/httpd/bin/apxs \
#  --with-openssl=/usr/local/opt/openssl/ \
#  --with-zlib=/usr/local/opt/zlib \
#  --with-zip \

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epriestley triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Mon, Nov 13, 6:28 PM
epriestley created this task.

With bin/provision events working again:

  • Cycle for AWS event.
  • Cycle for AWS event.

Next issue: can't pull from secure.

epriestley added a revision: Restricted Differential Revision.Mon, Nov 13, 6:43 PM

Issue 3:

bin/remote ssh secure does not autocomplete bin/remote ssh, even though it is the only possible completion. bin/remote doesn't have a host list.

A host list exists (bin/remote list-hosts <dummy-arg>), and any bin/remote command could reasonably query the host list if the argument has no . without risk of reentrancy.

This is resolved by D21874.

Next issue: can't pull from secure.

This was apparently resolved with bin/host upgrade --hold-versions.

epriestley closed this task as Resolved.EditedMon, Nov 13, 7:10 PM

See D21862.

The notification URI generation issue should be resolved by D21875.