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Arcanist: Exceptions when using Mercurial ~6.0/6.1
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The error stems from the extensions

AttributeError: module 'mercurial.hg' has no attribute 'parseurl'

I checked with the Mercurial IRC and they confirm they moved parseurl into mercurial.utils.urlutil recently.

Need to update the extension to attempt pulling from both places...

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@epriestley - the fix for this landed in the master branch but it doesn't look like that has carried over yet into the GitHub mirror which is used as the install location for most users, and is the current recommendation on Is there a delay before the mirror observes the changes or does something need poked for it to propagate?

GitHub was refusing mirror pushes with a credential issue (see also T12896, vaguely). I'm not entirely sure which side of things changed, but the config was set up in a previous-generation way anyway (through a "bot" account instead of a "Deploy Key") so I updated things. Looks like mirroring is back online now and this change has propagated.

(I updated rP and rARC, but disabled mirroring of rPHU.)