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Give Phame configurable interact policies
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This is purely to make my life easier, but the "Phacility is winding down operations" blog post has attracted a number of lonely women and Khajiit merchants eager to offer wares if you have coin.

Exposing "Can Interact" as a configurable policy (so commenting can effectively be disabled) seems reasonable as a remedy? I think there can probably be a blog-level policy and a post-level Object policy which defaults to "Use Blog Policy".

"Can Interact" isn't currently exposed anywhere as a configurable policy, but I believe it isn't fundamentally difficult to do this.

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This has some rough edges that I'm not going to deal with for now:

  • The implementation in "PhameInheritBlogPolicyRule" is not general (it can only evaluate the "Can Interact" capability), but it can't currently be implemented properly (without changes to how "PolicyRule" works) and can't currently be reached with any capability other than "Can Interact". This is a bit of a "gotcha" if posts ever have custom policies, but should always produce correct behavior today.
  • Some of the UI and language could be better, notably you get an "Override Lock?" sort of prompt when you try to edit a post you have permission to edit but can't comment on. This prompt should probably be omitted in Phame, but is an inherited behavior from Maniphest.
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I deployed this and it seems to be working properly.