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Provide alt text for images in more contexts
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  • Phabricator currently doesn't try to generate default alt text for images, but could at least do something when no human-readable text is available. It's not entirely obvious whether "something" is better than "nothing", though.
  • You can specify alt text with {F123, alt="..."}, but File objects could reasonably support alt text as a field for use as a default for contexts where no explicit "alt" attribute is provided.

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epriestley created this task.

These contexts are covered:

  • Images on the /F123 page.
  • Images in lightboxes.
  • Images in DocumentEngine diffs.
  • Images in {F123} embeds.

This is probably not exhaustive, but alt text seems inappropriate in the other contexts I can think of (blog header images, profile images, task cover images, etc).

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