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Restore "Owner can view/edit task" policy hint in Task policy explanation dialogs
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See PHI1553. "ManiphestTask" currently implements this policy hint:

public function describeAutomaticCapability($capability) {
  return pht('The owner of a task can always view and edit it.');

...but it isn't actually shown in the UI. This was likely a side-effect of D20165, which implemented a "PolicyCodex". When an object implements PolicyCodexInterface and the interface provides policy exceptions, the deprecated "describeAutomaticCapability()" method isn't invoked -- the assumption is that the Codex provides a complete description of exception rules.

This ("Codex" + "describeAutomaticCapability") could be made an error, but this will probably never happen again before the codebase fully moves away from "describeAutomaticCapability()".