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Show more information on task hovercards (status, cover images)
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See PHI1477. An install would like more information in task hovercards. In particular, task hovercards don't do a very good job of communicating task status today (it's only indicated with an icon).

See also PHI699. An install would like to make it easier to access object PHIDs for API interactions. See also T13157.

I'm planning to make these specific changes to task hovercards:

  • Always show status as text.
  • Show cover images.
  • Show assignee as text.

Although status is technically communicated today, sometimes, it's only for closed tasks and only with an icon. Keeping cards on workboards small is a concern, but this is less of a concern for hovercards. The UI is so vague/indirect now that it may be worth changing on cards, too.

Assignee as a hover-only-icon is probably fine for boards, but not very good for hovercards (since hovering over them is quite inconvenient).